Thursday, May 28, 2015

Best Fan Artist

Ninni Aalto's work can be found on her website here. The calendar of movie and literary characters as bunnies can be found here.
Brad W. Foster's eligible work can be found here.
Elizabeth Leggett's full work can be found here.
Spring Schoenhuth's eligible work can be found here. She does paintings and jewelry.
Steve Stiles' website is here. I can't easily find the pieces that were submitted to the Hugos voting packet and honestly, I don't really want to spend any more time trying to figure out where the eligible stuff is. If you are interested, it's there. The pieces that were submitted were cartoons of various authors with aliens.

Fun fact: I almost voted No Award for this entire category.

Now I'm voting for Elizabeth Leggett and No Award for everything else.

I went looking at each nominees website to make sure that I was looking at everything that is award eligible. Ninni Aalto, Brad W. Foster and Steve Stiles all have similar styles (to my very untrained eye) that just does not appeal to me. Add in that I didn't find the subject matter that interesting, and there is no reason for me to vote for any of them.

I like that Spring Schoenhuth's work consists mostly of jewelry. I don't really recognize most of it though, and again the style doesn't really appeal to me, so I won't vote for her.

Which brings us to Elizabeth Leggett. The works submitted for the Hugo voter packet are Nymph, Glashtyn Shanty and Nightmare. I think Nymph and Glashtyn Shanty are okay - no strong positive or negative feelings. Then I looked at Nightmare and I definitely liked it. Initially, not enough to want to vote for Ms. Leggett. But then I kept coming back for a second, a third and a fourth look. Each time I pulled it up, I noticed something new that I really liked - the style, the colors, the composition. The fifth time that I went to pull up Nightmare, I realized that maybe it was a sign that I should be voting for Ms. Leggett in this category.

Rankings for Best Fan Artist:
1. Elizabeth Leggett
2. No Award
3. No Award
4. No Award
5. No Award

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