Monday, May 18, 2015

Galactic Suburbia and Adventures In Sci Fi Publishing

I listened to the following episodes of Galactic Suburbia:
Episode 106 - 6 August 2014
Episode 108 - 17 September 2014

I listened to the following episodes of Adventures in Sci Fi Publishing:
AISFP 250 - Ser MJS
AISFP 252 - The Writing Process (2013 ICON Panel)
AISFP 266 - Max Gladstone, Full Fathom Five
AISFP 272 - Fake Reviews

I decided to do this review jointly since I found Galactic Suburbia and Adventures in Sci Fi Publishing to be very similar.

In Galactic Suburbia (GS), three Australian women (Tansy, Alisa and Alex) talk about various news, interesting questions and then finally, what media they are consuming.

In Adventures in Sci Fi Publishing (AISFP), there is a little more variety to the episodes. I listened to one author interview, a panel that was recorded at ICON and two roundtable type discussions between three or four men.

For both GS and AISFP, I really enjoyed the discussions that happened between the co-hosts. There is a definite camaraderie that is enjoyable to listen to. I also just enjoyed the topics that they were covering. In one of the GS episodes I listened to the hosts talked about how blogging has changed over the years - from the livejournal community to all the various social medias in use today. The other episode addressed GamerGate and the thoughts that they had surrounding that storm. In one of the roundtable episodes I listened to from AISFP, they talked about fake reviews and how they felt about the practice. In the other, they discussed the writing process and how it looks so different from each other. 

When looking through the GS archives, it looks like they address diversity and feminist issues on a regular basis.

When looking through the AISFP archives, it is predominantly author interviews with the roundtables interspersed.

For both podcasts, I struggled to differentiate between the various hosts, although this was much more of a problem for GS. It made it harder to understand the conversation in GS, but I was able to manage more easily with AISFP.

Both podcasts also ran a bit longer than I would have liked. AISFP ran between 45 and 75 minutes. The episodes I listened to for GS were 90 and 120 minutes. I struggled with the length of the GS episodes even though I really enjoyed listening to them talk.

While I enjoyed both these podcasts, I did not enjoy them enough to specifically seek them out to listen. I wouldn't mind if they won the Hugo, but I don't really feel they were that amazing.

Really, I just don't have strong feelings for either, and I think there should be stronger positive feelings if I'm going to vote for it.

Do I think Galactic Suburbia or Adventures in Sci Fi Publishing is award worthy?
Current rankings for Best Fancast:
1. Tea and Jeopardy
3. No Award
4. No Award
5. No Award

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